Chemfar is a specialty chemicals supplier located in Hangzhou, China offering products for business partners in the industries of specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements and personal care.

Building on 20+ years of chemical expertise, today we provide a diversified portfolio of pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, food and cosmetic ingredients, advanced chemicals for hi-tech chemistry and specialty chemicals for graphics & electronics, industrial specialties, coatings & paints, adhesives & sealants, polymers & fibers, etc.

We offer best products at the most advantageous price to the global markets through our competency in research, in-depth technical and application know-how, comprehensive knowledge of product and market, strong customer interactions. We have excelled at providing essential services from market survey, regulatory affairs, product sourcing, and quality control to impeccable logistics, after-sales service.

Thanks to the collaboration with important universities and research institutes in Zhejiang province and Shanghai, Our research team works closely with the brightest chemists, researchers, and production specialists to drive innovative solutions. We have been particularly effective in providing integrated development and manufacturing service to clients for their projects from inception to completion.

For 20 years, Chemfar has remained committed to focusing on our clients and creating value for their operation.

Our Mission

We create added value for our business partners in their respective areas.

What We Believe

We believe in creatively serving our clients in ways that earn their trust and develop lasting relationships.

What We Do

With our industry expertise and strategic market insight, we help you to find right products and deliver individualized solutions that are tailor-made to fit your needs.

Keeping abreast of current innovative developments and market trends in specialty chemicals, we support our customer’s success in new products and product applications.

We also offer professional services from market intelligence, supply chain outsourcing, and manufacturer audit, quality protocol to logistics and packaging regulations which enable our customers benefit from cost effective and time-saving.

Our People

We operate our team with high professional profiles to serve customers effectively and thoroughly.

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace, knowledge and know-how are essential requirement to achieve challenging goals and long-lasting results. In Chemfar, we foster knowledge exchange, open discussion, teamwork and cross-functional cooperation where everyone brings the expertise, determination and passions that lead to high productivity.

Our Commitment

Chemfar is committed to provide its customers with consistent work and constant loyalty,
top quality products and high standard service.